year 2012

every turning point, every change takes time for adaptation because it reminds you that time has flew. Things have evolved. People has moved on.Things have shifted.

This scares me to a point when i realize i am static when everyone is moving forward
and i am where i was, stuck; practically.
not something proud to say,


academic wise,
career wise,
financial wise,
property wise,
love wise ,
I am stuck.

I woke up to the scary fact that beholds me.
that wakes me up.
I sighed
i regretted
i pondered.

call me reluctant
call me ignorant.
I seriously haven't made up my mind on how to live my life.
it aches the heart when you live aimlessly, but seriously, I couldn't make up the decision.

I looked back at my new year resolution for 2011,
1. be wiser, be more brave in making decisions. I don't wanna be the"whatever" guy anymore.
2. to complete this HO ship and decide what i want to do next.
3. to get a diving license
4. to do more volunteer works.
5. be able to control my tamper
6. be love back people who loves me

i only managed to cross number 3.
i need to cross the others...

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

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Anonymous said...

Dr Neoh,
wake up!!

Happy CNY!!!