When death comes upon you

At twenties , you don't think about death. At thirties , you chase for career and finance achievements , you don't think of deaths.

Ponder , ponder .

A recent case that I admitted two days ago, just before chinese new year.
A 19 year old , just completed his pre-u, waiting for Uni entrance , bright future in front of him. A handsome tall and young gentleman; what could go wrong. ?

He accidentally drank a gulp of paraquat left over in a mineral water bottle when he was helping out in a garden. Everything looks doomed afterwards.day 3 post consumption , his kidneys are failing on him; a matter of time before other system ensues.

What would I do if im in that position ? I'd be stuck , clueless n hopeless. I would've regret things I didn't do. I would hope for another day to live on.
Now I do have the chance to make good use of time. I need to do things ,I shall not waste the opportunities that lie before me. I wish to live with no regrets , love and be loved .

Dear young man , I pray that you'd come through this, be how hard it is gonna be for you.
To those who ever have thoughts of taking their own lives, please don't . A lot others are struggling to keep theirs.

Monday, January 23, 2012

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Anonymous said...

So how's his condition now>? Surviving? Struggling or..???