so, i'm in my Pediatric posting right now. As I am as notoriously "jonah" as i was claimed to be , things have always been on the get go. This means lots of things to handle and to learn, automatically the lazy me would always feel tired.

Fatigue always has the ability to bring one down, to make one disinterested, make one feel loaded with burden.

A pediatrician once said, you will know when you see a child is well.
I have to agree with her on that; and these kids are the ones that lighten up the stress that is constantly building on the shoulders which has progressively losing its muscle mass for the amounts of lunches/dinners that were missed due to work.

I've seen babies that were born as tiny as a little puppy with the weight of grams;
Kiddos that came in on stretchers who would well up in tears in the sight of the faces other than his mother's;
Little ones that would fill up the ward with cries upon the slightest touch of our fingers to feel the coldness of their little fingers.

watching them putting on weight is much a joy though it was never the same as for us who are always trying to lose that inch of fat.
Instead of the welling tears in their eyes and the pitiful cries, by the end of the day, these were substituted with roars of laughter and chuckles.and these, are what warms our trembling stomachs which was desperately in need of a dose of omeprazole.

The past one week in paeds was pretty interesting. I skipped a few lunches but i get to see a little boy with down syndrome who would hand out his tiny palms for my hand, and kissed it before pulling back his hands to lie it on his chest.

Another day, a little boy, who was crying refusing neb Salbutamol. I approached him, he opened his arms for a hug. I carried him throughout the neb and he fell asleep on shoulder. when i put him back on the bed to get his nap, he was actively jumping in joy!

The third kiddo would always cry on the first sight of me when i review him. two days after, he would cry when i reach him with the stethoscope. Today, this little boy came to me with no fear, shook my hand and waved good bye to me with a smile on his face.

kids are just marvelous. We were once kids, weren't we?
Why are we no longer that way?

Thursday, September 23, 2010