couldn't really recall when was the last time that i sat down and start hitting the key board penning out my boring stories.
Been bored by the constant work and the endless responsibilities to behold just made the shoulder seems heavier.

Things has been going on a downside, for my health at least.
was down with flu the other day(probably caught some germs from the lil kids?)
still haven't exercised much since my last swim in O&G posting..
haiz.. gotta move my lazy ass off the couch/bed.

all i've been doing:
- attempt to read the NRP book , of which to total failure...
- watching so you think can dance while munching away
- sleeping
- eating non stop til the lights switched off
- being sad because my fridge has broken down and i have no cool drinks
- going on call
- setting myself into precall mood and postcall mood
- skipping lunch/ dinner during oncalls and binge ate afterwards.

so, totally unhealthy who is always in the position to advise people to live healthily.
so wrong.

can someone/ something please trigger me to exercise please?!
Can someone please donate me some money so that I can buy a new fridge and phone? One was dead and the other dying.
freakin live i'm livin...

Saturday, August 21, 2010