Has my life recently revolved any other than work? Nope.Thus, from there i came into conclusion of my bad behaviors : ignorant and rude.

I may have been a bull all these while, minding own business; but seriously, I've been worse and wouldn't care a damn thing bout what's going on around me, lately.
Working every day trying to keep my ass clean or avoiding my fingers being punished to write an incident report of mistakes or avoiding the sound waves saying that I'm a useless smug reaching my ears has me made one damn person.

From the words that i used above, it is clear enough to depict how much rude i have became. Wait til you have a conversation with me, I'll begin with all those vulgar words.
Ask my mum and Dad, I'm now at home. I've raised my voice to them more than once today.
They made me do something.
They nag me.
They wanted me to do something which i do not like to.
They gave me duties.

Seriously, those WERE reasons, but not the REAL ones.

The truth is , I can complain, I can raise my voice to them, i can voice my opinion; Innocently, they became my victim. The anger and hatred inside has been blasted on them ; because I could not do so in my work when the above listed stuff are charged upon me at work. I will just have to shut the f**k up and DO.Sorry , mum and dad.

DAMN IT. I don't wanna be an asshole.

Saturday, April 3, 2010