Hoped it was just another day...sigh

It was last year that i wrote about my birthday when i was "going through" it during the final exam preparations; here I am "celebrating" my birthday in the year 2010 feeling more stressed up; I started to believe there's no happiness in "happy" birthday.

Why did i sounded that birthday was some kind of torture? Well, it actually did; cos when you hoped for at least once a day in your life for a peaceful and stress free one, it was turned out to be totally the opposite. Going oncall in the labour room this year on the March the third with zero delivery nor Caesarean sections to assist(to fulfil my quota) made the night longer and my eyes to sunk deeper.

Honestly, I felt i dreaded trough the whole til i finally manage to steal some time in to read up some birthday text messages. Big chunk of the wound was actually healed by some phone calls from some beloved friends , ying yin, james, sock cai etc. I left a sigh.

to my surprise, my dear lil buddy fan foon who just happen to be in this teluk intan place for his project ;stopped by and gave me a pillow as a present from him and siu jun, which made my total 30 minutes of sleep for 2 days much sweeter. Great thanks to them , seriously.

anyhow, i wish would not have to go through my birthdays feeling so stressed up again anymore in future; but it looked grim. I am not asking for any big celebrations or whatsoever. Just hoping for one uneventful day , when i can rest my mind a little. A sigh

so, whatever...
I think I might have started to hate birthdays.

Thursday, March 4, 2010