I DO have great times. HAHA

everybody has been blogging bout their christmas joy and i so i thought i'm not gonna lose out.

Watched 2 great movies the other day; of which one most people would agree with me that it was a good one : Avatar. The other one: Bodyguards and assassins.

No doubt about it, Avatar have been getting thumbs from all the people I've met so far ( Not that many though). For me,I personally loved the flying creatures and the whole colorful and imaginative place yet managed to be surreal looking; at least to me.

On the other that, Bodyguards and assassins worked for me in the sense that it has adequate amount of actions with the correct dose of humanity in it. However, there are some people who have been cursing the movie and wished the movie to end ASAP. well, the legs are yours, carry yourself out if you wish to, i'd say.

Monday, December 28, 2009

1/ 2 year Gone

without realizing the clock ticked, it has been half a year that I worked. Gone through one posting and halfway through the next one made me look back what I've done in this lapsed time; true indeed, my life have been revolving around the hospital. Probably I could say the same about any other working people out there; their working life would be a big chunk of their life as well. The eyes that have seen my words and the eardrums that have been hit my complaints would know that I dreaded and do not favor my work that much ; at least not as much as those enthusiastic minds out there constantly thinking of ways of improving their knowledge etc etc.

I'm a lazy dumbass whose mindset is similar to those of any employer who works for their BOSS (Gosh, I hate the word"BOSS") Probably i'd excuse myself with occasional occasions of passion in work that I'd might work bit longer willingly. But looking at my punch card, to really clock out at 5 is kinda a rarity itself. So where does that put myself?

You guys might be thinking,then, do I do my work, in the sense like carrying out the duties I am supposed to, as indicated by the "title" that I carry? Well, honestly, I do try my best. On one hand, I WANT to leave the working placer ASAP, on the other, I felt there's a need for me to do what I NEED to do. There you see, WANT and NEED; "make your balance" I told myself.

I must say, when things are in bad shapes, the same goes to my mind. I do not make good judgments at times.I do say bad words, no shame admitting that. LOLS. So, how am I living/ working? well,half a year working, still alive. HAHA

Sunday, December 27, 2009