I couldn't believe my ears!!

Today, I had to rush back to the hospital despite the fact that I took leave for today cos I gotta attend my viva, to ensure i'm given the nod to leave the posting.

I was tired from driving I had to drink a can of coffee to keep myself awake( so that I wouldn't AGAIN fall asleep while driving and scratch the car again, lols) So need not say, my initial plan to at least read up a bit, failed.

So, sharp at 3, right after a nap, i went for my viva. Instead of the more lenient boss, the HOD was the one doing the interview today. I got nervous, of course, cos somehow, he always has had said that he has given up hope on us.

Shivering with fear ( gotta exaggerate a bit didn't I?), I went to the viva,
he asked me

" what's your like and dislike bout your posting?"

of course, I gotta give the most honest yet most ear soothing answer i could give. I talked bout how I learnt that a patient could be managed surgically and medically ( like) and how the tagging system should go to EOD calls instead of tagging til ten pm everyday (dislike)

and then we were like almost discussing on those matters.

Next, he asked me what do I think I need to do when sent to periphery;
I answered and he nodded.


" Do you think you can manage in the periphery?"

" I think I can" , I said
(I gotta said so, otherwise they're gonna extend me, likely ; cos that's what the postings were for afterall.

" WE'LL SEE" he said
It sent chills down my spine.....

This was followed by examples of situations of how I would manage a patient in the periphery, ie, managing UGIB patiets, referring patient to some wacko MO who wouldn't receive a referral despite the fact that the patient needs it.

I think I answered okay most part of it.
He actually laughed when I said that I'm gonna refer the patient to some other nearer centre. He explained to me that I should actually try to talk to a highher level of authority ie, talk to the specialist. If thing still didn't work, I should seek help from the Chief of my hospital to make arrangements. Honestly, I do thank him for that piece of advice.

This was followed by some small talk about what he felt about our performance as housemen etc; and to my surprise, he said:

" I thought you were a bit better, otherwise , I wouldn't have said so much to you. I hope you can be a good doctor, and carry yourself with dignity that you're a doctor"

Yeah, it got me shocked! After all those traumatising events...HAHA
My eyes nearly popped out, lols.

Anyhow, I'm still glad that eventually I passed the viva ( I suppose? from what he said)and I'm gonna enjoy myself with limitless snacks and movie before heading for my last day at surgical posting tomorrow.

I'm crossing fingers for my new posting!!! Medical, here I come!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The End / The Beginning

The end of one often equals to the beginning to the other.
And no doubt, we often have high hopes for the new, crossing fingers for a good start and wishing the best first steps

My surgery posting gonna end on this coming Thurs, if i pass my assessment tomorrow, of which I'm so reluctant to prepare for.
If I do pass through this, this would mean that I need not meet and stand up against some greater authority i dislike. Not to mention the dreadful situations that I have fallen into a few times throughout. However, not to be overshadowed by these "mishaps" , there are actually some happy occasions: I had some good bunch of colleagues who shared with me the same hatred to the same person(s) and also helped to shed some weight of my duties especially when I'm on call.
And of course, the days off rewarded with the salary,were definitely the best that could happen to me.

So, the other day, i took 3 days off and went to meet up with man chin and seejong, chit chatted with them and definitely got myself the stuff that i've been wanting for some time

1. Brothers and sisters series

2. Grey's anatomy series 5 and 6

3. External Hard disc

4. Some more comfortable pants ( to wear to go for my on calls)

and yes, mission accomplished, haha. I definitely did not treat myself bad, didn't I?
So, shall I call it a perfect closure?

I'll be heading to Medical Posting next. i've heard that the posting is kinda nice, well, so i heard.I can only hope for the best. So, wish me the best of luck!Wishfully there'll be less bragging of my life....

Tuesday, October 20, 2009