okay, I'm a shitty translator.

I often felt that I have so many things i wanna write on my blog ; yet when it comes to really hitting the tablets on the keyboard, it didn't come out as smoothly. Probably it's because there's so many thing i wish to let out at the same time; be it ups or downs.

Having bottled up emotions and things to tell out for some time; it is a really an uneasy sensation. How I wish and miss those days when everyone would just hang out and talk non-stop.Not that I don't have people to talk to, but somehow, the feeling aint the same. Probably i still need some more time to adjust in. With the lack of the 24/7 internet service, I had to somehow rely on this blog to "talk". Now,i may sound like a sicko, but I'm not. Yet.

Initially I thought of writing happier events,at least FIRST. Yet, the latest incident was just too much to bear ( TO ME, at least) that it has overshadowed the the minimal glimpse of joy/ fun that I had.

Here's what happened.
I went back to ward a bit earlier after lunch, to see if there's anything to help out in ward. At that time, a Chinese elderly man came in because of pus discharge from his scrotum. Practically, I do not know that patient at all, except that I have translated a sentence of mandarin from the family to my colleague before I ran down to settle my other duties. I flipped no notes nor read anything from the referral letter.

" We were told that my father had testicular cancer" in mandarin.
just to note, with my limited mandarin knowledge, somehow I still know how to differentiate what is prostate and testis in mandarin.In fact [mind my language ], he actually said " choon toi" which practically means scrotum/testis in cantonese. I further clarified with him bout the prostate and he said it's just normal.

The next day, it was morning rounds as usual where we were practically presenting cases to the Head. Then we came to the patient. My colleague presented the case as testicular cancer which s0mehow, the patient actually has had prostate cancer; and then, my colleague turned to me and said I got the info. Then, I was scolded like nobody's business ;for getting the wrong information and being doubted of my function. It was totally bad for being scolded for getting "wrong" information for him.

I thought, probably it would be better if the homo sapiens of that department do not ask the only yellowed skin human like me to translate; and learn all dialects in the world and do all the translating yourself to ensure the accuracy of the informations.

My conclusions:

1. (no offence). Indians who never speak chinese deserves the right to scold a china-man for translating the wrong because he probably he feels that he can translate better.

2. DO NOT go to work earlier than you're supposed to.


Saturday, September 12, 2009