Awaiting the new chapter

I'm now at Kuala Berang. With the deprivation of a laptop and the limited internet connectivity makes facebooking a rather difficult feat, thus making writing a blog somehow appears to be like swimming 50 laps in a pool in 5 minutes.
well, I finally did it; not the swimming part but the blogging part.

Has been quite a tough time for me ever since I was sent to Kuala Berang for the induksi. Knowing that i'll be sent to Hospital Kulim for duty is like sprinkling salt to a wound. It hurts. Yet, somehow rather I had to be strong and keep the negative thoughts about it aside. I appealed and to hope for the best is the only thing I can do now.

Days to come before this induksi ends and ove to BTN course. So, after the induksi exam, things seemed to look on a brighter side as we finally get out of this suburban area. It was a marvellous view that we had at the Sekayu Waterfall when we were get ourselves out of this place. I wouldn't comment any bad things bout this place any further cos I need to keep myself from falling into depression with these bad news; otherwise I would not be allowed to service. so, back to the waterfall, the whole bunch of us went there , took deeep breaths in the fresh air and cool ourselves dwn in the cooling refreshing water. It was nice indeed.

The other thing was that I had the opportunity to visit the Kenyir Dam, which was later closed for future entry for fear of sabotaj it seems. Luckily, I did have a chance to visit it after all. The view was breathtaking!

Kuala Terengganu was where I went today to settle the KWSP stuff and to buy a secondary school shirt as the BTN guys wants us to wear white short sleeved shirt for it. Then, we had a chance to meet u with other luckier couremates who were undergoing their induksi there. It was a miss that the time is not enough. Time is never enough though. So, to have the opportunity is already better than none.

So, that's basically bits and pieces of what I've been doing these few days before i move on to BTN course.

To my friends, my course gonna end on 22nd and I had to start work on 23rd. S, I think I might have no chance to catch up with you guys. So, I apologize if start t lose contact with you guys; but I hope you guys won't forget bout me okay!

Take care! Miss you guys lot.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009