The frustrations got me

The past few days has been grueling ones.
Though trapped in the room for hours,things seemed to have fallen on the bad side; with still not much work done. I could not concentrate in my studies. Bullying my brain to cram in so much in this short duration seemed rather impossible yet so vital.

Facing the empty walls and notes/books scattered all over the place brought out frustration. I meant no racial prejudice or dislike, but honestly, the continuing voices projected out in the hostel just added to my irritation. I felt so much like screaming out " SHUT UP, WILL YOU?!!"

So, pretty much purposely and useless as well as pointless, I did the usual thing I do when I'm all stressed up:I tidied the table, shifted around the boxes in the room, brought out the fridge from the hiding place, swept the floor and mopped the floor.
When I finished, I asked myself " Gosh, what the heck am I doing at 12 a.m. ?!"
Like a schizophrenic I " talked to myself " - Whatever.

And I dozed off to sleep.

Note: Though I've been talking to myself once, the voices are real ( I'm not hallucinating ). You guys know what I meant by the "voices" don't you?

Damn it, in this short duration of typing this stuff, the voices has already repeated twice. ARGHH!!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


It was my Birthday.
And these were the "interesting" things that happened.

1. Checkin the facebook, reading comments and receiving birthday wishes.
2. Had my mangosteen juice, among all other junk food.
3. Had my lunch at the canteen, forgot to take the picture of the lousy food.
4. Back to room. Took a nap, read a little.
5. Prepared for an evening swim, but then it turned cloudy and rained at 1630 ++ ; Plan canceled.
6. Head for dinner. To those who could not understand how awful the taste of the food here, you can feed your eyes to this dinner I had.
- plain rice
- 2 eggs
- 2 pieces of tofu which tasted sourish with its consistency comparable to an apple
- some green colour substances that tasted nothing like vegetables( at least they did not have the taste of pesticides yesterday)
7. Finished the dinner anyway...while watching 2 episodes of "Friends"
8. Back to work
9. Too bored, decided to take my own picture cos I have nothin else to capture
10. Decided to sleep at 2200 cos I felt so bored.

And that's my 24th birthday!LOLs

No, it ain't that pathetic actually, I just felt like posting up what I did yesterday.

cos my hometown friends, course mates and buddies did celebrate with me, just I don't have the pictures with me right now.

Thank you guys :)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009