I DO have great times. HAHA

everybody has been blogging bout their christmas joy and i so i thought i'm not gonna lose out.

Watched 2 great movies the other day; of which one most people would agree with me that it was a good one : Avatar. The other one: Bodyguards and assassins.

No doubt about it, Avatar have been getting thumbs from all the people I've met so far ( Not that many though). For me,I personally loved the flying creatures and the whole colorful and imaginative place yet managed to be surreal looking; at least to me.

On the other that, Bodyguards and assassins worked for me in the sense that it has adequate amount of actions with the correct dose of humanity in it. However, there are some people who have been cursing the movie and wished the movie to end ASAP. well, the legs are yours, carry yourself out if you wish to, i'd say.

Monday, December 28, 2009

1/ 2 year Gone

without realizing the clock ticked, it has been half a year that I worked. Gone through one posting and halfway through the next one made me look back what I've done in this lapsed time; true indeed, my life have been revolving around the hospital. Probably I could say the same about any other working people out there; their working life would be a big chunk of their life as well. The eyes that have seen my words and the eardrums that have been hit my complaints would know that I dreaded and do not favor my work that much ; at least not as much as those enthusiastic minds out there constantly thinking of ways of improving their knowledge etc etc.

I'm a lazy dumbass whose mindset is similar to those of any employer who works for their BOSS (Gosh, I hate the word"BOSS") Probably i'd excuse myself with occasional occasions of passion in work that I'd might work bit longer willingly. But looking at my punch card, to really clock out at 5 is kinda a rarity itself. So where does that put myself?

You guys might be thinking,then, do I do my work, in the sense like carrying out the duties I am supposed to, as indicated by the "title" that I carry? Well, honestly, I do try my best. On one hand, I WANT to leave the working placer ASAP, on the other, I felt there's a need for me to do what I NEED to do. There you see, WANT and NEED; "make your balance" I told myself.

I must say, when things are in bad shapes, the same goes to my mind. I do not make good judgments at times.I do say bad words, no shame admitting that. LOLS. So, how am I living/ working? well,half a year working, still alive. HAHA

Sunday, December 27, 2009

I couldn't believe my ears!!

Today, I had to rush back to the hospital despite the fact that I took leave for today cos I gotta attend my viva, to ensure i'm given the nod to leave the posting.

I was tired from driving I had to drink a can of coffee to keep myself awake( so that I wouldn't AGAIN fall asleep while driving and scratch the car again, lols) So need not say, my initial plan to at least read up a bit, failed.

So, sharp at 3, right after a nap, i went for my viva. Instead of the more lenient boss, the HOD was the one doing the interview today. I got nervous, of course, cos somehow, he always has had said that he has given up hope on us.

Shivering with fear ( gotta exaggerate a bit didn't I?), I went to the viva,
he asked me

" what's your like and dislike bout your posting?"

of course, I gotta give the most honest yet most ear soothing answer i could give. I talked bout how I learnt that a patient could be managed surgically and medically ( like) and how the tagging system should go to EOD calls instead of tagging til ten pm everyday (dislike)

and then we were like almost discussing on those matters.

Next, he asked me what do I think I need to do when sent to periphery;
I answered and he nodded.


" Do you think you can manage in the periphery?"

" I think I can" , I said
(I gotta said so, otherwise they're gonna extend me, likely ; cos that's what the postings were for afterall.

" WE'LL SEE" he said
It sent chills down my spine.....

This was followed by examples of situations of how I would manage a patient in the periphery, ie, managing UGIB patiets, referring patient to some wacko MO who wouldn't receive a referral despite the fact that the patient needs it.

I think I answered okay most part of it.
He actually laughed when I said that I'm gonna refer the patient to some other nearer centre. He explained to me that I should actually try to talk to a highher level of authority ie, talk to the specialist. If thing still didn't work, I should seek help from the Chief of my hospital to make arrangements. Honestly, I do thank him for that piece of advice.

This was followed by some small talk about what he felt about our performance as housemen etc; and to my surprise, he said:

" I thought you were a bit better, otherwise , I wouldn't have said so much to you. I hope you can be a good doctor, and carry yourself with dignity that you're a doctor"

Yeah, it got me shocked! After all those traumatising events...HAHA
My eyes nearly popped out, lols.

Anyhow, I'm still glad that eventually I passed the viva ( I suppose? from what he said)and I'm gonna enjoy myself with limitless snacks and movie before heading for my last day at surgical posting tomorrow.

I'm crossing fingers for my new posting!!! Medical, here I come!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The End / The Beginning

The end of one often equals to the beginning to the other.
And no doubt, we often have high hopes for the new, crossing fingers for a good start and wishing the best first steps

My surgery posting gonna end on this coming Thurs, if i pass my assessment tomorrow, of which I'm so reluctant to prepare for.
If I do pass through this, this would mean that I need not meet and stand up against some greater authority i dislike. Not to mention the dreadful situations that I have fallen into a few times throughout. However, not to be overshadowed by these "mishaps" , there are actually some happy occasions: I had some good bunch of colleagues who shared with me the same hatred to the same person(s) and also helped to shed some weight of my duties especially when I'm on call.
And of course, the days off rewarded with the salary,were definitely the best that could happen to me.

So, the other day, i took 3 days off and went to meet up with man chin and seejong, chit chatted with them and definitely got myself the stuff that i've been wanting for some time

1. Brothers and sisters series

2. Grey's anatomy series 5 and 6

3. External Hard disc

4. Some more comfortable pants ( to wear to go for my on calls)

and yes, mission accomplished, haha. I definitely did not treat myself bad, didn't I?
So, shall I call it a perfect closure?

I'll be heading to Medical Posting next. i've heard that the posting is kinda nice, well, so i heard.I can only hope for the best. So, wish me the best of luck!Wishfully there'll be less bragging of my life....

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

okay, I'm a shitty translator.

I often felt that I have so many things i wanna write on my blog ; yet when it comes to really hitting the tablets on the keyboard, it didn't come out as smoothly. Probably it's because there's so many thing i wish to let out at the same time; be it ups or downs.

Having bottled up emotions and things to tell out for some time; it is a really an uneasy sensation. How I wish and miss those days when everyone would just hang out and talk non-stop.Not that I don't have people to talk to, but somehow, the feeling aint the same. Probably i still need some more time to adjust in. With the lack of the 24/7 internet service, I had to somehow rely on this blog to "talk". Now,i may sound like a sicko, but I'm not. Yet.

Initially I thought of writing happier events,at least FIRST. Yet, the latest incident was just too much to bear ( TO ME, at least) that it has overshadowed the the minimal glimpse of joy/ fun that I had.

Here's what happened.
I went back to ward a bit earlier after lunch, to see if there's anything to help out in ward. At that time, a Chinese elderly man came in because of pus discharge from his scrotum. Practically, I do not know that patient at all, except that I have translated a sentence of mandarin from the family to my colleague before I ran down to settle my other duties. I flipped no notes nor read anything from the referral letter.

" We were told that my father had testicular cancer" in mandarin.
just to note, with my limited mandarin knowledge, somehow I still know how to differentiate what is prostate and testis in mandarin.In fact [mind my language ], he actually said " choon toi" which practically means scrotum/testis in cantonese. I further clarified with him bout the prostate and he said it's just normal.

The next day, it was morning rounds as usual where we were practically presenting cases to the Head. Then we came to the patient. My colleague presented the case as testicular cancer which s0mehow, the patient actually has had prostate cancer; and then, my colleague turned to me and said I got the info. Then, I was scolded like nobody's business ;for getting the wrong information and being doubted of my function. It was totally bad for being scolded for getting "wrong" information for him.

I thought, probably it would be better if the homo sapiens of that department do not ask the only yellowed skin human like me to translate; and learn all dialects in the world and do all the translating yourself to ensure the accuracy of the informations.

My conclusions:

1. (no offence). Indians who never speak chinese deserves the right to scold a china-man for translating the wrong because he probably he feels that he can translate better.

2. DO NOT go to work earlier than you're supposed to.


Saturday, September 12, 2009

The anticipation

I am so looking forward to meeting up again with my bunch of friends and buddies in the upcoming convo.
To me the convo wasn't really that big a deal in comparison to the chance of meeting up with friends and to rekindle the memories ; which includes saying craps,and to complain how shitty life has been , and definitely the addition of vulgar words that would not be left out.

I hope that these days will sooner and lasts longer, to soothe the boring life I have been having , so far.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

First entry after starting work

I'm at Hospital Teluk Intan.
I'm at Surgery Department.
Its been pretty much for me to handle ever since I've started work..
there were ups and downs definitely; but the fatigue that arise from the mental stress is much more than the physical burden despite working from before seven until ten everyday; Saturdays and Sundays included.Missing lunch / dinner has became a norm and you wouldn't know what would name the bread or biscuits that you consume for the day - it's not even brunch, lunch nor dinner... whatever.

There were times when I start to question myself of why am I working like sh*t and being treated like one. There were too much politics in work and before knowing it, sometimes one may easily become the scapegoat.
Just to draw the picture:

we were doing rounds a day.
I'm the houseman jotting down points.
there's Medical Officer (MO) 1 & MO 2 (the more senior one) .

MO1 : write "continue medications"
MO2 (shouting): who asked you to write that??!!! Cancel that!

tell me what am I supposed to do? Say that it was MO 1's order?? I just kept silent.

MO2 : Are you writing using your hand?

me : Yes

MO2 : My legs can write better than you.

this was almost the mildest me and my colleagues could face in our life...
I can't blame them for scolding me for being a dumb ass, cos I know I'm pretty much a real dumb ass. But I just couldn't stand it when they scolded me for some stupid shit that wasn't really my fault. To think back, I gotta thank my seniors for having trained me during the orientation; so that I know i can stand those stuff; and brush it off. LOLS.There are stuff in life we can't choose anyway.

well, the up side was when i knew that I am doing something for my patients.
There was once a patient collapsed in the ward, I intubated the patient; but sadly he didn't make it. It wasn't something to be proud of , but having known that I tried my best to do what I can, I could sleep better; and that's what that drives me to wake up at 6 everyday.

This posting I'm in is one of the "mildest" that we could have.
I'm not sure if I'm that strong to brave on.. I hope I do.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Awaiting the new chapter

I'm now at Kuala Berang. With the deprivation of a laptop and the limited internet connectivity makes facebooking a rather difficult feat, thus making writing a blog somehow appears to be like swimming 50 laps in a pool in 5 minutes.
well, I finally did it; not the swimming part but the blogging part.

Has been quite a tough time for me ever since I was sent to Kuala Berang for the induksi. Knowing that i'll be sent to Hospital Kulim for duty is like sprinkling salt to a wound. It hurts. Yet, somehow rather I had to be strong and keep the negative thoughts about it aside. I appealed and to hope for the best is the only thing I can do now.

Days to come before this induksi ends and ove to BTN course. So, after the induksi exam, things seemed to look on a brighter side as we finally get out of this suburban area. It was a marvellous view that we had at the Sekayu Waterfall when we were get ourselves out of this place. I wouldn't comment any bad things bout this place any further cos I need to keep myself from falling into depression with these bad news; otherwise I would not be allowed to service. so, back to the waterfall, the whole bunch of us went there , took deeep breaths in the fresh air and cool ourselves dwn in the cooling refreshing water. It was nice indeed.

The other thing was that I had the opportunity to visit the Kenyir Dam, which was later closed for future entry for fear of sabotaj it seems. Luckily, I did have a chance to visit it after all. The view was breathtaking!

Kuala Terengganu was where I went today to settle the KWSP stuff and to buy a secondary school shirt as the BTN guys wants us to wear white short sleeved shirt for it. Then, we had a chance to meet u with other luckier couremates who were undergoing their induksi there. It was a miss that the time is not enough. Time is never enough though. So, to have the opportunity is already better than none.

So, that's basically bits and pieces of what I've been doing these few days before i move on to BTN course.

To my friends, my course gonna end on 22nd and I had to start work on 23rd. S, I think I might have no chance to catch up with you guys. So, I apologize if start t lose contact with you guys; but I hope you guys won't forget bout me okay!

Take care! Miss you guys lot.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Life of Pi , a novel

Among the first few things that I did after graduated about a month ago was to make a visit to this wonderful book store which was made known to me by my brother :
"walk in rent a book"

The whole concept was to "buy" a book at its original price and then, you can return it and receive some money back for it. I've been a fan since I went to a few shops like this in Bangkok years back, and has been dreading for one in Malaysia. Lucky me that my younger brother also has the similar passion in reading books and FINALLY i knew that SS2 actually has such a book store( despite having stayed around that area for 5 whole years; well, it seems like I've been residing under the turtle shell all these while after all, lols) The benefit we get is that we get a chance to read multiple choices of books and get back some money upon returning it. you may think, why not just go to a library to rent a book, it's free of charge. Well, it all comes down to choices of books. I would have to admit that the type of English books that catches my eyes were definitely less than those in Bangkok; but there were obviously newer titles than those antiques in the libraries.Besides, I can keep the book for 3 months, and a library doesn't allow that. A true reader may not really need 3 months to complete a book, I would say,;but putting myself into the picture, i needed those duration in view of my traveling plans and all other "to do" things in the list.

So, i looked around and finally found one that was highly recommended by Kok Soon : the life of pi ( pronounced as pie, aka 3.142) and I'm proud to say that I finally finished reading, and what a great read it was! Probably I have weird tastes in books ( the last time i recommended the curious incident of the dog in the night time to Shao Yin, and she dozed off every other page that she flipped ), but I still enjoyed it.

It was actually about a son of a zookeeper, whose ship that he was on sank; with all the animals in it. He ended with some different animals (carnivorous ones; i'm not gonna be a spoiler by telling you all bout them). It follows on how he managed to survive the ordeal, and his belief on multiple religions ; which he felt has the same core yet people has been claiming their differences ; with people asking him to decide his religion when he wanted to embrace them all.

I loved the last part where it changes the whole story and it truly amazed and it never came to my mind. It was great play of substituting certain characters with other player in the story. A brilliant writing it was!!

Friday, May 29, 2009

End of the Holidays!!!

So i received a call yesterday
It was from the KMM , telling me that my "induksi" is scheduled to be on the 5th of June 09.

1. End of Holidays

2. Gotta appreciate every minute left before the "induksi" which signifies the beginning of work (it follows soon after the "induksi"). Just so you know, it is some kind of programme held by our beloved government to all government SERVANTS.it is followed by a programme called BTN (Biro Tatanegara) . If you wanna know it was all about, it is a thing used to "unite" malaysians , eg. by telling you not to question Malay rights etc ( I don't know for sure , I'm just quoting from an article by a writer's letter to the Star which I read lately). I'll find out what it is, either I like it or not, cos it is a compulsory thing.

3. Therefore, the first plan is to go Steamboat & midnight show with the Kamparians! yay!!! Too bad the tickets for terminator salvation was sold out, and jackie, wei jie , pui yee they all are going for Night at the museum(which I had watched), I'll be watching monsters vs aliens, alone.- it broke 2 rules : to watch a movie alone & to watch a cartoon in the cinema !! DUH!!! what to do... have to go with them .. otherwise what I'm gonna do at 11pm!

4. to ah seong, hey , really , like I said, I couldn't join you guys hang out when you are finally willing to come back to Kampar in mid June..Damn sad, for my part, I meant; cos, like you said you guys are just gonna have fun like no tomorrow anyway. haha

5. It's time to wake up from dreams and be SERVANT, I mean, government servant. Duh. ( thinking slave??)

Thursday, May 28, 2009

KL Trip, Big Thanks to my bro

I've pretty much a damn parasite to my bro when it come sto this KL trip.
I was tagging at his place, occupying his space, using his laptop to online and bullshit (of which, I'm using his laptop again); worse still, i made him sent me to and fro UM , so that I can go out and have fun; yet, I provided him no benefit.
So, I felt rather guilty bout it...
He has been pretty well and did not complain a thing bout my fussy requests, lols.

As for this trip itself, I was trying very hard to resist the temptation of buying stuff despite the sales that was going on.Anyhow, i did manage to go up the KLCC today, FINALLY! Yay..
okay, it was darn boring..but hey, at least I did go there for once, lols.My bro had to wake up so early this morning , bout 6+ to send me to 6th and then rush back to his work.Besides, sock cai and khean chyuan was "forced" to go there again, after I insisted on going to the bridge. So, I think I better appreciate that trip to the bridge. Lols

Big Thanks to my bro (yuen sim), sock Cai and Khean Chyuan for making this trip happen for me.
Good day!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Singapore- A reunion with the hunky, the pretty & the sexy

It was a MSN chat with Man Chin that landed me on Singapore immediately the next day. And due to the sudden decision, I had to cancel my plans with Wei Jie & Jackie to go Ipoh at the very last minute (bet they hate me greatly right now); and felt so bad about it!

Anyhow, the trip there was definitely wonderful.
MC and I reached there at about 9pm +, James was there to meet us. I couldn’t help but noticed that he looked so sleep deprived and has lost some weight. I wanted to ask him what have those 2 girls done to him; that he looked so wasted. But I don’t see that he would be in a mood to answer that question, I decided to just zip my mouth shut.
Later we met the 2 gals and we headed to their house.

Gosh, their house was so damn beautiful and spacious that it sparked the jealousy in me! I couldn’t remember how many times I’ve praised their house that even the ever enthusiastic Yin was already bored with my exclamations that she just paraded her teeth with a bright smile.

But it has been a tiring day and they have to work the next day that hui wen and james decided to go to bed early. So, there’s only yin to entertain MC and I cos she’s off the next day. While we were busy chattering, as Sexy Sim was busy running to & fro the toilet. Probably she has overheard Yin commenting her sleeping attire; thus decided to wear a bra to sleep that night and that has made her uncomfortable, resulting in her adjusting in the toilet multiple times, I guess?

James and hui wen were off early the next day, inciting fear in me; reminding me of my future working time. Anyhow, it lasted less than seconds cos I was so in the holidaying mood; I dozed off again.

With the ezlink card in hand and a guide who has spent less than a month time in Singapore, we started our tour after we met up with Yin cheng . We headed to some famous places but paid no attention to the surroundings but more to the gossips that everybody was so eager in sharing and listening to. Then, I started to wonder why the heck we were travelling to some different places in the hot sun but noticed only the juicy details of the news. To some point, the girls (yeah, I went travelling around with the 3 ladies who happened to be ex-housemates) were so busy talking that they did not know where they were, yet they couldn’t bother more cos they were too busy talking to each other. Now, at this point, you would have understood why I did not bother putting up where we went to.

The final destination before we headed home was the Merlion staue area, where James and Sexy Sim joined us and posed for photos. After that YC headed back home, cos her mother has been nagging for too little time spent with the family ( as she was always with Sze En what…) so, she decided to give up the time with us.

The events for the night were pretty simple:

1. Hunky James : Selected the cooking ingredients and get blamed for selecting an old cucumber that did not turn up very well in the soup
2. Sexy Sim: Cooked and nagged James for buying an old cucumber that tastes nothing at all.
3. Pretty Yin: washed the cooking utensils and asked what kind of cucumber that was used in the soup despite everyone has been saying that it was an old cucumber
4. MC : Got ready to eat and ate
5. Me: Ate.

The next event line up was to celebrate James’ very very early birthday, cos MC & I wouldn’t have the chance to celebrate with him once we got back to Malaysia. Besides, I personally think that the cake would make a nice snack although James does not like eating cake at all.

All in all, it was the least eventful trip I’ve been to so far, yet , one of the most enjoyable one. To b able to be among these wonderful people just makes everything perfect
Here, I wish them a happy and wonderful life in Singapore!

Yin, keep your promise the next time I come to Singapore kay
James, don’t forget to eat
Hui Wen, stay SEXY!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Genting- Gan Jiong!

Immediately after the Langkawi trip, the Genting trip followed.

This time, I had the opportunity to hang out with my hometown gang and the 7 of us spent a night in the same room; so you can guess the excitement built up among Jackie and wei chong,.

To begin with, checking in was pretty much a chaotic yet fun process. Initially we were given a room with a double bed…

The guys: “Damn, something has to be done; no way can 7 people sleep here”
The girls: “wow, its soooooo beautiful! Hey, there’s a fridge! Ah Neoh, put the wine in the fridge already!”

It took a while before the girls realized that the room wasn’t gonna be our room.

So, the whole bunch of 7 chaotic human beings went down to queue up and asked for arrangements of another room with single beds instead. It was up to wei chong to inform our request to a Chinese guy at the counter:

WC: excuse me, just now we DAFTER MASUK already, but...
Shit! Why I said daftar masuk one!

Others : wakakakaa

Recveptionist puzzled

Silence followed.


Others : wakakaa

Receptionist: Err… can I help you?

So, wei chong had to do all the explaining all over again.
Not that we’re belittling BM, but come to think of it, how many you would say “daftar masuk” instead of “check in”?

So, after successful in getting ourselves a room with twin beds, Seong & I made another trip to the receptionist to make arrangements for an extra bed etc. It was all settled in a while and Seong suddenly said he has a call to make

Seong : Excuse me, is this room XXX? I’m calling because I have known that your room occupies more than 2 people, and for that reason, we had to charge you an extra RM70 per head

Si Yun (covering the phone receivers, very gan jiong) : Hey, how!? How!? They say wanna charge extra 70 per head ah!

Jackie (the kuli of grand Kampar hotel): say we’re visitors, lie to them .lie to them.

[I’ve no idea what engchi, Khim Hoe and wei chong were doing at that time; probably they’re having a threesome or something]

Seong (covering the phone receivers): hahahaha

Si Yun : Errr….

SEong : Ah wong, you cannot recognize my voice meh!! Haha. I’m ah seong lah

After successful in making everyone to stop anticipating some sex scenes on the tv, we finally went to a dinner buffet at Green Terrace. A lot of good food was taken in exchange of a big amount of money taken out from our wallets/ purses. Then it’s casino time. Ah seong and wei chong felt that they have too many money that they decided to give uncle Lim’s son some hundreds to spend, instead of treating us to dinner just now. These friends….

After a cup of wine, Engchi and Khim Hoe pretended to be drunk and said wanna sleep. We all knew that Engchi wanted to take advantage of Khim Hoe who dare not touch any girl by saying so. (I hope Mr. Bamboo isn’t reading this). This is another situation where the word “gan jiong” well applied.

So, the smart and helpful but pitiful us decided to give them some space and was forced to go down straying in the chilling corridor as the cold icy wind blew our faces. Finally we decided to have a cup of Starbucks coffee and for me; an ice blended coffee would best suit the cold environment we’re in. Being already a coffee bean fan, I was rather disappointed with the Java Chip that I had; the cream just added to my disgust. Luckily, it was jackie’s treat, so I did not feel as bad.

It was the moment Jackie has been waiting for: sleeping time. She just could not wait to sleep in between Wei chong and Khim Hoe and was so excited that she could not stop herself from saying ‘ gan jiong” a multiple times. As depicted in Ah seong’s blog, the picture well explained Jackie’s happiness that night.

Anyhow, this trip was indeed a success considering the fact it was almost cancelled in its early planning. I indeed have to thank this gan jiong gang that gave me such a good time in this trip.

Langkawi & my bankruptcy

The not so confident me decided not to book any air tickets despite always enthusiastically wanna go overseas if I passed my exam. So, I ended up travelling in Malsysia only, so far. Not that I’m so supportive the tourism in Malaysia; as their promotion sucks and I could recall that the “cuti-cuti Malaysia” song on TV a few years back was one the things that made me attain the habit of having the remote control in my hand whenever I watches TV (because I just had to switch to any other channel whenever that song was played)

Anyhow, I did end up travelling to Alor Setar (Ranjeev’s place) and Langkawi. Oh yeah, Teluk Intan also.

So, a bunch of us spent a night at Ranjeev’s and the few things I could remember of his place were:

1. Ranjeev’s dad plays golf , and we monkeys who knew nothing tried to pose with the club
2. The same bunch of monkeys started water fighting/war in a temple before everyone started the Songkran.
3. The passengers in the evil green car who plotted to go to Langlawi and cut short the time in Teluk Intan ; namely : Brother Yap, Ranjeev and Chui Yng (CCY)
4. Kian Hwa and those who sat in his car searching for ONE kacang kuda dropped in his Vios, because it will cause smell
5. Tan Char Loo, who probably isn’t the tallest among all, who always wanted the front seat and made the remaining long legged homo sapiens cramped in the backseat
6. Mr goat(meng Hsien) , who was so enthusiastic in helping a patient with seizure that he was called “jik yip beng”( it’s Cantonese-lah, kerja punya sakit)
7. CBK (aka tan Ciang Sang) who robbed the whole mattress and a blanket that wei leik and bro yap has to sleep downstairs. Oh yea, CBk and his chicken feet.. oh ya, and his fecal incontinence.. o… I better stop; otherwise it’ll be a whole biography bout him.
8. Wui ping and CBK who either has polyuria or fecal incontinence that they had stop at almost every rest station (okay, I mightt have exaggerated a little, but it was definitely the trip, among all my previous trips, that stopped at the most rest stations)
9. CCY who for dunno what reason loves to knock on people’s room the moment she wakes up.
10. The tasty wanton mee

Sorry for those I did not mention, cos, my evil mind only remembers the special occasions. Remember to stand out and stop being nice and disappear the group! See? The above mentioned were so successful!


Just a few things to mention:

1. My first time there & I bought 2 wines and some chocolates that cost me so much that I dare not reveal the figure. I will declare bankruptcy very soon if I stay there any longer. Did mention the beers, and all other alcoholic drinks?
2. The bikini girls and one topless girl who ran on the beach early in the morning. Now you wonder why meng hsien wakes up so early every morning in Langkawi

3. CCY who knocked on my room door one early morning that CBK shouted
“C*B***” to her
4. The weird people mentioned above just continued their antics, so need no second mentioning.

I think that’s pretty much described my first post –grad trip.

Oh ya, and the Teluk Intan Chee Cheong Fan.

Brother Yap was so happy to be in Teluk Intan and was so impressed with the “Menara Condong” and the availability of the wifi there, that he said someday, he’ll go there and surf net while eating Chee Cheong Fan.

Thank You

The exam.
It was over, yet, there's still something to talk about it.So, I passed the exam; calling an end this chapter of 5 years; with another new journey awaits me.

To me,at that period of time ; including during the study week, the emotional drain was unbearable. The thoughts and fear of not performing well that will put the 5 years on bet , with everything at stake for that exam, made it so much tougher.

First on my list, I told myself, if I made it through, I need to thank one lady: my MUM. Honestly, she has been there all the time for me; praying for me to be calm,relieving my worries and comforting me all the time. She was pretty much my pillar of strength; especially during that time. THANK YOU

Not forgetting, the friends who helped me through this. My study group members and some other fellas helped me revise the stuff that i didn't know, practiced short cases with me etc etc.Otherwise, I'd still be struggling with a lot of things! There's so much they have done for me I just couldn't mention them all. The moral support from all the others were as equally important and vital. My hometown gang, and the others, like ah kiat who wished me luck, I wanna thank you all!

And of course, the lecturers who have been guiding me all these while. There 's so much you have done and taught me to become a good human and a good Doctor. I hope I will not be a disappointment.

so, may all of you have great days ahead.Take care!!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009


Passed by a funeral on my way home; a lady was crying badly.

In the hospital, every day, there would be people at the brim of death.
Outside the hospital, no one knows when his clock stops ticking.

Being in medical school, I’ve witnessed deaths. These 2 were vividly clear in mind:
1. In Klang GH, a 22 year old then, a newbie to clinical settings and all. I was with my colleagues looking at a patient when some people ran in, crying, towards the bed across. Dumbstruck.

2. In UMMC, last year, was following the medical team doing the morning rounds. Patient was on ventilator support, just like many other patients. All of a sudden she collapsed; resuscitation failed.
Her daughter was just outside. She cried while talking on the phone, “I was with her just a minute ago, but I did not have a chance to just say good bye to her”
Each one person is a beloved of many others.
However, we are not the ones to decide who lives, who don’t.

At that moment, when I passed by the funeral, it strikes me.
I questioned myself, whether am I competent enough; competent enough to keep that one person alongside his many others, and to keep that one man to himself.

I just hope that I can be one who can help, be a benefit the society.

It strikes me, because I know that my knowledge is too shallow…

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Thirst of These

It felt so great to be finally home.

For once, I was not bringing along any notes; to just end up being heaved with a full sense of guilt on Sundays, for flipping only one page the most.

For once, I could lie down peacefully to read a book other than textbooks with a peaceful mind; need not to be haunted the thoughts echoing in my mind
“There’s so much you need to read, yet you’re reading this?”
“There are these chapters I haven’t read up; I have to put this book down”

I could savor the luxury of doing what I want to do instead of what I need to do for the next 3 days before reality sets in (again).

Now, I can only hope. Hoping that I will pass the exam.

p/s : I wrote this yesterday, just do not have the internet connection to post it up.

Look Up

When was the last time that you looked up the sky?
(I mean totally extending your neck so that your face is parallel to the sky; or lying down, facing up.)

When I was a kid, whenever there's a plane flew by, we( my bros and I)would look up into the sky and started jumping away; waving our hands, telling the people on the plane " we're here!"
The naivety of us was what made us so carefree and able to make a total fool out of ourselves yet still be the totally cheerful fellas.

Ten years down the line, probably when I was bout 18 or so, a bunch of us good friends would lie down on newspapers on top of the wet grasses of the field, looking at the stars and talk.
We spent time thinking and analyzing. We looked at the choices and made our decisions. The sky was there, so were the stars. They witnessed us grow and we observed their beauty.

Reaching 20 plus, another ten years; I couldn't remember clearly when was the last time I took time to look up the sky until when I was floating in the pool 2 weeks ago.The duties and burdens building on the shoulder day by day has blurred my vision on the more beautiful things in the world.

Neither the sky nor the stars has changed ;it's the way we look at things that has took a turn;or maybe not looking at it.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

The frustrations got me

The past few days has been grueling ones.
Though trapped in the room for hours,things seemed to have fallen on the bad side; with still not much work done. I could not concentrate in my studies. Bullying my brain to cram in so much in this short duration seemed rather impossible yet so vital.

Facing the empty walls and notes/books scattered all over the place brought out frustration. I meant no racial prejudice or dislike, but honestly, the continuing voices projected out in the hostel just added to my irritation. I felt so much like screaming out " SHUT UP, WILL YOU?!!"

So, pretty much purposely and useless as well as pointless, I did the usual thing I do when I'm all stressed up:I tidied the table, shifted around the boxes in the room, brought out the fridge from the hiding place, swept the floor and mopped the floor.
When I finished, I asked myself " Gosh, what the heck am I doing at 12 a.m. ?!"
Like a schizophrenic I " talked to myself " - Whatever.

And I dozed off to sleep.

Note: Though I've been talking to myself once, the voices are real ( I'm not hallucinating ). You guys know what I meant by the "voices" don't you?

Damn it, in this short duration of typing this stuff, the voices has already repeated twice. ARGHH!!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


It was my Birthday.
And these were the "interesting" things that happened.

1. Checkin the facebook, reading comments and receiving birthday wishes.
2. Had my mangosteen juice, among all other junk food.
3. Had my lunch at the canteen, forgot to take the picture of the lousy food.
4. Back to room. Took a nap, read a little.
5. Prepared for an evening swim, but then it turned cloudy and rained at 1630 ++ ; Plan canceled.
6. Head for dinner. To those who could not understand how awful the taste of the food here, you can feed your eyes to this dinner I had.
- plain rice
- 2 eggs
- 2 pieces of tofu which tasted sourish with its consistency comparable to an apple
- some green colour substances that tasted nothing like vegetables( at least they did not have the taste of pesticides yesterday)
7. Finished the dinner anyway...while watching 2 episodes of "Friends"
8. Back to work
9. Too bored, decided to take my own picture cos I have nothin else to capture
10. Decided to sleep at 2200 cos I felt so bored.

And that's my 24th birthday!LOLs

No, it ain't that pathetic actually, I just felt like posting up what I did yesterday.

cos my hometown friends, course mates and buddies did celebrate with me, just I don't have the pictures with me right now.

Thank you guys :)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


it was about 0745 when mum called.
I could hear her voice stutter when she broke the news to me. She could not hold it any longer and she cried. BB has left , she died in her sleep on the big pillow she loved last night. I did not have the chance to send her off , but mum said she looked peaceful, that she and dad only realized she was gone when they wanted to transfer BB to her cage. She was buried last night. 22/02/2009

I could still recall the day she was born in our house, we were arguing whether would she turn into black colour like her mum. That little puppy,with its brownish fur was later found out to be a rarity of its kind (mini pinscher)by having that hue and people had wanted to buy her. Of course, we did not give in. I was given the honour to name her , and i so i did. I "named" her BB ; cos i was so lazy to think of any, that i suggested to everyone in the house to call her BB ( just like how anyone would call a newborn before they know the name) while i try to come out with one which i eventually did not. eventually, everyone started to become fond of calling her that name that no new name will be of significance.

To watch her grow (not really in the matter of size), was one of the most marvellous thing that has happened in our family. To us, she is more like a family member rather than a dog. She brought love and she caused hate.

Love ;in the sense that she made all of us laughed when she furiously ran after the "strangers" that stepped into our house. Hate; in the sense that the "strangers" hated her cos they dare not put down their legs on the floor whenever they come to my house.

Love ;in the sense, she gave us the chance to pamper her and provide us warmth when she cuddle between our arms when we took our naps or watch the tv. Hate, in the sense that she would lie on my dad's lap whenever my mum called her to bathe, or when she saw mum getting ready with the shampoo. (BB was toilet trained to pee and pass motion in the bathroom by my mum,and pretty much trained her in many ways with strict discipline whereas dad is the one who "spoiled" her by giving her food that mum forbid. Thus, she has a "dislike" to my mum)After all the drama, mum and dad would always sit down, while drying BB, and debate that BB was a spoilt brat or an obedient kid.

My youngest bro named her "Chili" and mum said she's more of like a bird's eye pepper ( aka "cili padi" ) as she lived up to the name by being the loudest whenever anyone other than 6 members of the Neoh family stepped into the house ; despite being the tiniest of all. Anyone who has seen her would've known how would she welcome the guests to our house.

She shared so many and brought too much joy to me and my family i could not put them into words.

Seeing her leaping up and down and wanting to be hugged whenever i come home was one of the thing i missed most since BB developed epilepsy last year Mum was so concerned that she could not sleep well the first few nights, fearing that BB will have seizures in the middle of her sleep. She woke in mid of her sleep to look at her, to ensure that she did not have any attack. if she did, she'll hold her up in her arms, so that she won't hurt herself during the fit. She was brought to a vet, and ever since, giving her medications ( anti epileptics)had subconsciously became mum's duty whereas feeding her food bit by bit became dad's.

It was during the chinese new year that we had the opportunity to spend more time at home, as well as staying up late at night. And that was when I noticed how far BB has deteriorated. From being the smartest and fiercest one ; she has became the one who can't see or balance well.From being able to leap up the sofa to land on our laps, she could not even make her way to the sofa.

There were a few nights that she often cried, I held her up, fed her some bread and pat her to sleep. That was the only thing i was capable of doing.Now I don't have the chance to hold her , feel her and see her. When she was admitted to the ward/clinic last time for epilepsy, we missed her so much that we made a few travels to Ipoh to find her (she was being treated there). And we knew she missed us as well; so much that she'll bark non stop when we had to put her back into the cage in the clinic.

This time will be the same. We'll all still miss you.
The only difference is that this time around we need not travel to find you or touch you,
cos this time we realized that you have found the way in our hearts
and you have touched us by cuddling in the warmth of our memories of you.

Farewell BB, I wish you a peaceful afterlife and may you be lifted off your sufferings.

Sunday, February 22, 2009