How to

I've seen birth, seen death.
I've witnessed optimism, witnessed pessimism.

It all goes down to how one perceives each event that befalls him.
Being in Obs and Gynae didn't spark neither any great amount of interest nor "hatred" to me ; as has happened to some of my colleagues.
I may not have a strong hold of the subject, but i know I've seen a lot through this posting.

Very often, mothers greet their child with smiles and relief. Couldn't wait to hold them in their arms, while squirming in pain.

Once, a mother gave birth to a healthy baby girl.
There was no smile on her face.
The Dad , when came in , just looked at the genitalia.
The nurse asked, " you wanna see her face?"
He left afterwards.
No question of the mother, nor bout the child.

There was a mother whose child died in utero.
She understood. Her family did not; Blames being put on the Drs, Nurses, the system, etc. Refusing to listen to explanations,wanting the mother to undergo an operation to deliver the fetus, despite the fact that she is undergoing the 2nd stage oflabour. She just did what she told to.

A mother gave birth to a pair of conjoined twins who died in utero at 23 weeks.
She smiled and said " they're cute"

I shouldn't be judgmental.
Yet, i can't do anything to stop my mind from analyzing.

Optimism is so rare, cos we are always so sunk in our desperation and despair.
We need reminders that we have things many others don't.
Reminders that we are not facing difficulties as dreadful as others.
Reminders that are always hidden ; as we put them in the shadow.

To the all the mothers, you made the world looked so small.


Saturday, November 22, 2008