" Gone baby gone"

I've been having countless headaches. Self-indulging in endless cookies and chocolate bars hasn't helped a bit.Other than polyphagia, swimming hasn't been really that enjoyable recently too.So, I thought,if there are more symptoms to develop and if they last long enough,to reach 6 weeks, I might need my escitalopram very soon.

Thus, despite there's a class and CPC tomorrow, I've decided to pick a movie to watch. Just relax and to enjoy. Well, it seems I don't have anhedonia after all.


Movies tell stories. Sometimes, they are made out of life events, and sometimes, from these stories, we reflect on how we live the life.
Most of the time, I felt that I learn a lot from movies.
They made me think, show me the other side of the coin.

" Gone Baby Gone" just made into my list of favourite.

Patrick (Casey Affleck) said " I always believed that it was things that you don't choose who made who you are"

Until i hear those lines, I did not realize that it was the same piece of thought that I have had in my mind all these while.Parents, sibling and my home, shaped me ; I believed. Being enrolled in Medical school,was one tenth chosen by me, but in the end , it is them who choose to put me where I am now. Those WERE my belief, before the story ended.

I know I can make a choice, and that the choice I made is the one that make me who I am. I have to choose my path, the road that determines where I wish to go, how a person I wanna be. We will never know how would the road that we chose ends. We might lose something precious either way. Life is no one way round, and choices are to be made. We could just do what we felt right.

"Things could have been better,if.."
Those were the words always said when things doesn't turn out the way we wish it would.
Why not " Great,things could not have been better! Now there's no 'if' "?

Thursday, August 14, 2008